Capoeira is a kid’s game, a warrior’s dance, a gymnastics exhibition, an acrobatics show, a fight system hidden in a fun practice, a lifestyle, an international family, a tradition, a philosophy and much more.

One of the fastest growing art forms in the world today, Capoeira is dynamic and fun. Unique in that it is “played” to music and song, its techniques vary from exciting aerial kicks and gymnastic (or acrobatic) movements to deceptive sleights of the hand or foot.

Capoeira was created in Brazil over four hundreds years ago by African slaves who had to disguise their fight training into some sort of dance/celebration. Instruments and live music were introduced and became an important part of the Art.

Capoeira creates an extremely social environment, due to the need for live music. A minimum of three people is required, for two to “play” and one to play the Berimbau (a one-stringed instrument). Usually, a large group will play together, and form a full Bateria, an orchestra of sorts, of percussion instruments.

Capoeira is practiced across the globe, is present on all continents, and has been adopted as an extra curricular discipline in many universities around the world. Capoeira academies and clubs are now common in communities everywhere.

In Brazil, Capoeira is being used as a form of therapy for people with special needs. Some very successful programs have over 20 years of outreach.

Due to Brazil’s history of social problems, Capoeira-based therapy programs are quite common for assisting those who have suffered from discrimination, aggression, abuse and social violence. They have had tremendous success in helping participants to recover their confidence, self-esteem and social skills as well as building group participation and team-work.

Similar programs in Brazil are helping those with violent behavior to gain more control over their temper and reactions improving this way their social interaction by making them more calm and peaceful.

Bantu Beira Mar Capoeira preserves the rich cultural heritage and practice of Capoeira, fosters cultural citizenship, and promotes health and physical fitness to all ages and races through the practice of Capoeira. Capoeira not only encompasses movement and self defense but also music, language, philosophies of life, respect, confidence and history. Practitioners are educated around each of Capoeira’s unique attributes.

We seek to provide a social environment for personal growth, physical and emotional stability, and relief of stress & anxiety through the acceptance of all persons, regardless of ability or demographic, as equal contributors.

We accomplish this through intensive trainings in Capoeira and its teachings of respect for elders and support of the young, creating a bridge between past, present and future. In so doing, we stress the ability of all to absorb struggles, overcome, and rise to an even greater position in life.

The Primary goal of Bantu Beira Mar is to keep the traditions of Capoeira alive in their finest state, while helping individuals in the pursuit of their own physical and mental development through the application of Capoeira teachings and techniques to their daily lives and competitions. We aim to enhance the quality of life and overall physical, mental and emotional health for people of all ages while promoting a friendly environment for cultural growth and community awareness through the teaching and practice of this art, it’s traditions, rituals, and associated art expressions.

Ultimately, we envision the improvement of a more humane society, in which differences are respected, high moral values are praised, and traditions are celebrated.

Contra-Mestre Bundo moved to Jackonsville, FL and began what was originally, Grupo Bantu Capoeira. While staying in contact with his first Mestre, Mestre Tarzan, he later decided to adopt the group name Bantu Beira Mar. The adoption of the name “Bantu Beira Mar” by our group shows our direct relationship with Mestre Tarzan (who’s group in Brazil is Beira Mar) but, still express Contra-Mestre Bundo’s own part in that work.

The US HQ for Capoeira Beira-Mar  is  headquartered in Jacksonville, FL. Other United States branches include Richmond, KY – Lexington, KY – Louisville, KY and Granby, CO. In addition to the schools located in the U.S. we are also located in São Paulo, Brazil and Daejoen, South Korea.

Beira-Mar not only provides Capoeira training but also educational programs, community culture and professional performances. Our classes are suitable for all levels of students and all ages are welcome

We are also available to do lecture demonstrations and seminars, please contact us for inquiries.

Florida – The FL branch are located in Jacksonville, FL is led by CM. Bundo and trains at two different locations.

Kentucky – The KY branches are located in Richmond, Louisville, and Lexington and is in affiliation with Eastern Kentucky University – Department of Exercise & Sports Science. Kentucky locations are overseen by Gafanhoto (Louisville), led by Jaco (EKU-Richmond) and Corrente (Lexingon).

Colorado– The CO branch is located in the mountains of Grand County (Granby) and is in affiliation with Mountain Beast Mixed Martial Arts and high elevation training. This branch is led by Perna de Pau.

South Korea– The South Korean branch is located in Daejoen and is led by Capitao.